Knowthe answers

How to register?

Navigate to the signup page here and fill in the required details.

When did the company start?

Trades Finances was founded in 2019 as a UK based fund management company regulated by the European Security and Markets Authority (ESMA) under the jurisdiction of the European Union with head office in United Kingdom

How to invest?

When you log in into your account, Navigate to deposit then choose your plan and make your investment.

What is the payment method?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Doge and USDT (ERC20).

Can I withdraw anytime?

Yes. You can withdraw your profits anytime

How can I withdraw?

Navigate to the withdraw page, then input the amount you want to withdraw and then proceed

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is $100

What is the maximum withdrawal?

The maximum withdrawal is unlimited.

How do we earn money?

We earn money from trading with investors funds using one of the best trading signals across the globe and also with the help of crypto and blockchain expert to achieve a successful trade which results to a reasonable profit for both us and our investors.

Can I loose my money?

No, the rate of losing of funds/investment is 0%. This means that all investors funds are safe and highly secured with the company. However, we employ expert who ensure that the trade is valid so you cannot lose your money.

When can I start trading?

You can start trading once you have created an account with us

What is the maximum amount that I can invest?

We have unlimited plan where you can invest as much amount as you want.

Is my money secure?

As we are verified, any investment made in our company is secured with SSL

Will I be charged if I want to withdraw?

No, there is no extra or hidden charges during withdrawal. Although some blockchain/binance network fee might occur during your transactions.

Can I invite more than one person?

Our referral program allows you to invite people as much as you can and make profit from their first deposit in the company.

Can I get banned?

If a single user opens a mulitple account, this might lead to banning your account.